lunes, enero 29, 2007

           :::::::::: ILL AL SKRATCH :::::::::

Ill Al Skratch had some short-lived mainstream success in the mid-'90s with Creep Wit' Me, the duo's 1994 debut album. Two singles from Creep Wit' Me -- "Where My Homiez?" and "I'll Take Her" -- made some ground on the R&B charts, the latter being the bigger hit thanks to Brian McKnight's vocal contributions. Unfortunately, while "I'll Take Her" became a substantial hit, it was more representative of McKnight's style of music than Ill Al Skratch's style of East Coast party rap. Consequently, listeners were confused, and when the Brooklyn duo returned in 1997 with its follow-up album, few noticed. The album fell off the charts quickly and soon Ill and Al Skratch were has-beens.

While the Brooklyn duo's name makes it seem as if Ill Al Skratch is one person
rather than two, that isn't the case: There is Ill (acronym for I Lyrical Lord), who is the MC, and then there is Al Skratch, who is the DJ. The two debuted with the "Where My Homiez?" 12" released by Mercury and produced by LG, better known as Easy Mo Bee's brother. The song peaked at number 34 on Billboard's R&B charts and came close to breaking the Top 100 pop singles in summer 1994. Next came "I'll Take Her," which featured McKnight. The song crossed over well, reaching number 62 pop and number 16 R&B in late 1994. When the two returned in 1997 with Keep It Movin', which didn't do nearly as well as Creep Wit' Me, it brought the duo's career to a quick halt.

sábado, enero 13, 2007

Concrete Click - Lyrical Terrorism EP (1995)

Bueno,aqui les traigo otro excelente album de mi coleccion.Un excelente album de un super dueto integrado por los ya desaparecidos Killa Tactics y Sky.Realmente recomiendo este album, es uno de mis favoritos y se que a cualquier verdadero fanatico del real hip-hop le va a impresionar y gustar...Realmente hubiese qerido poner mas detalles sobre este dueto,pero no hay tanta informacion sobre ellos y sobre el album en estos momentos disponibles. ... realmente este dueto proviene del underground! !!.