sábado, noviembre 04, 2006

All City - Metropolis Gold (1998)

To my knowledge, this is one of the most underrated & slept-on albums I can think of. This is everything a late 90's NY hip-hop album should have been. Fresh dope beats, arrogant, smooth, insightful lyrics and an all-star cast of NY producers. Despite being brought up by ONYX as a part of their Afficial Nast crew, All City sounds nothing like the loud, screamin' & stompin' ONYX. As a duo, they are truly gifted with smooth deliveries and clever rhymes. Listen. DJ Premier did one of his nicest jobs EVER on track 7, "The Actual." Pete Rock shines like the sun on track 3, "Priceless." Other production by Rockwilder, DJ Clark Kent, EZ Elpee and of course ONYX. This album sounds like it dropped in 1994.
F.Y.I: "Just Live", (track 17) is one of my favorite tracks to this day (slight personal bias, of course).
Bottom Line: This is truly a great album. I highly recommend it to any east-coast hip-hop fan, don't sleep. 4 stars. Peace.

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    Thor dijo...

    RIGHT ON !!!! Back when I bought it, nobody knew who the hell the were (I'm from iceland) and everyone that heard it loved it!! To this day I find it very strange that it's such an obscure album !!