lunes, diciembre 11, 2006

Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep (1993)

This album can only be described with two words, PURE SICCNESS! No other rap album can hold the lyrical intensity and prowess or funkified beats this album has to offer. Every single track on this bumps and flows from start to finish. Brotha Lynch has outdone himself and pretty much everybody else when he made this. No other rapper can potray such a gangsta-azz image like Lynch does or spit it as hard, AND he does alot of his sh** while under the about true to the game, killa. Brotha Lynch is the epitomy of west coast gangsta rap, bar none!
I've been into brotha lynch fo a while and this is by far his best cd, along with season of da sickness becuz that takes it to a whole new level. 24 deep was made in 1993, no rapper in 1993 could even touch this ... even now. wit songs like lose a hoe gain a hoe, they are bomb songs. lynch has the best beats around, along wit mr. doc and x-raided, and all his west coast homies, these instant classics, cant wait for another lynch CD so it can be off the hook.

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    Anónimo dijo...

    True, amazing record. Brotha Lynch hit heavy. I remember being ashamed when I bought them. People at the register looked at dudes name then looked at me like "damn, you have emotional problems? Enjoy terrorizing pets?" It's all good though, peace. odbrip