sábado, febrero 17, 2007

                       ::::: Channel Live :::::

The rap duo Channel Live (Hakim and Tuffy ) debuted in 1994 with the platinum single "Mad Izm," which they followed with the gold-status album Station Identification in 1995. That year also saw the release of singles such as "Sex for Sport" and "Reprogram," wich were definitely the highlights here, but the duo get in plenty of great raps on the album tracks as well. On their album debut Station Identification, cover social problems such as sex and violence over KRS-One's lean production grooves. As I said, the highlight of the album was the debut single "Mad Izm" sparked with a neck-snapping beat to fit the over 4 minute verbal assault discussing the ghetto's favorite pasttime. There are several other notables on this album including "Reprogram" featuring KRS-One(he shows up on several other tracks also), "Sex For The Sport" and "Down Goes The Devil". Production handled mostly by Salaam Remi among others. Channel Live's debut definitely shouldnt be overlooked and "Mad Izm" was a spring classic in 1994

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    Max dijo...

    I would have to agree that some of the early Channel Live stuff is very underrated, especially "Mad Izm" and "Reprogram".
    Like what you're doing with the site, thanks for visiting mine, and I'll get you linked up shortly.