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               ::::: Some Shit From 93' :::::

First of all this is the ONLY album entirely produced by The Large Professor. So you know the beats are tighter than...(insert your favorite played-out meteaphor here). This is Ak's first album. His first apperance came on Main Source's "Live at the BBQ" along w/ Nas' debut. What a dope track. Anyway, before I heard this album I though Ak was the equivalent of a NY version of Luke...all about the b*tches. So I was more than surprised when I finally got my hands on this LP, and was attacked w/ crazy metaphors, an innovative rhyme style (those who know feel me) and no dirty tracks about gettin' some. There are tracks about women, "Bags Packed" and "I Luh Hur" are a few that deal w/ the deeper side of relationships. Mostly this album is full of Ak straight ripping sh*t over dope, dope Extra P beats.
Most kids would know Luke Records to be home for the dirty mouthed crew, 2 Live Crew and the once anti semitic Professor Griff (Public Enemy) briefly, but Luke actually branched out into some concious(gulp) and decent underground Hip Hop fare, DJ Slice (The Miami one) laced this EP with pure flavour, as Yes N Deed smashes speakers with the booming 'Ode To Billy Joe" drums, Parkay samples a classic loop from the Wild Style soundtrack) and Rap Is An Art (uses a dope Gangstarr sample from Take It Personal and interesting enough a sample DJ Premier later used for You Know My Steez and What Is A Man uses a familiar loop and the classic Headhunters-God Made Me Funky drums.Society vanished after this dope EP but I guess you could say he came out at just the right time and left us with this great piece of music.
Trendz Of Culture - Trendz [1993]
Trends is a trio consisting of MC's Nastee, M.O.L. and Grapevine. Each brings a different style and flavor to the album, which helps to keep their tracks from going stale. Each can definetly handle his b.i on the mic, and although they're no supreme lyricists, their rhymes are perfectly suited to the beats - and I'm a sucker for MC's who have fun with Hip-Hop. The album is self-produced and the result is ear-shattering. That's the best aspect of "Trendz," the hard '93 NY beats. As a (VERY) special bonus The Funkyman himself, Lord Finesse remixes tracks #6 "Off & On" and #11 "Valley of the Skinz (Bonus Mix)" with his trademark deep bass and dirty horns.FAR TOO MANY artists and crews have an AMAZING debut, then it's all downhill from there...only a select few can pull off 2 albums worthy of being pressed. So the more knowledgeable part of me is happy with this one GREAT album.
The Newark new jersy style is evident in apache's album. As a memeber of the flavor unit and NAUGHTY BY NATURE family he represents the hardcore and the real life.His album was mad, he had some nice rhymes and his flow was tight. The album makes you laugh when you hear some of the sh#t he says. The tracks are nicely produced and have a naughty by nature sound to them. He also got it some sh#t with queen latifah which was funny as hell, and she made a reply track because she couldn't handle what he said. But anyway, if you are after some real hip hop, get this. Later!

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Society didn't vanish after that EP...He is on almost every single Prof. Griff release ever. I could be wrong but I think that he is Kevon Shah on those releases...although that could be a totaly different person, but nonetheless he was on all the later Griff releases.

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many many please - reup ))

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YES re-up plz