lunes, marzo 05, 2007

                 ::::: The Almighty RSO :::::

Hailing from Boston, the mid-'90s rap group the Almighty RSO (which stands for "Rock Solid Organization") is comprised of Deff Jeff, E-Devious, Tony Rhome, and Ray Dog. The group was known mainly for their anti-police song "One In The Chamba" from the "Doomsday: Forever RSO" album released through "Tommy Boy Records". The single and album were considered controversial for the tone of the rap group and the open encouragement of murdering law enforcement. In 1994 The Boston Police and the Fraternal Order of Police union had placed the group on high priority at the time forcing RSO to be dropped from the label.
Anyway,they delivered their full-length debut, Doomsday: Forever RSO, in the fall of 1996 through "Tommy Boy Records", that balances wit and social commentary with excellent party jams, like the Faith Evans duet "You Could Be My Boo." While the album runs a little too long and is bogged down by a few too many pedestrian rhythm tracks, the group has terrific rhyming skills and at their very best, they demonstrate how hardcore rap can move beyond its gangsta origins
Track Title:
1. Doomsday Intro [00:38]
2. Forever Rso [04:38]
3. The War's On [04:23]
4. Thought You Knew [04:24]
5. Gotta To Be A Better Way [03:55]
6. Summer Knights [04:06]
7. Sanity [04:16]
8. You'll Never Know [04:32]
9. You Could Be My Boo [04:47]
10. Mix Of Action [04:31]
11. Keep Alive [04:11]
12. Illicit Activity [05:15]
13. Killin' 'Em [03:35]
14. One In The Chamba [04:28]
15. Quarter Past Nine [04:32]
16. We'll Remember You [03:42]
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    Just Ice dijo...

    I've been looking for this for some time, good lookin'!

    Anónimo dijo...

    Little known fact for you folk out there who may not know. Part of the Concrete Click began with the Almighty RSO/Made Men dancing in RSO's videos. But be sure to check for The City Slickers crew and Dre Robinson -