domingo, marzo 11, 2007

              ::::: RED HOT LOVER TONE :::::

Samuel Barnes aka Red Hot Lover Tone appears in the game on 1992 with Select Records Label and his first releases "Red Hot Lover Lover Tone" wich was a bomb even when he was a uknown and new artist...except for a guest appearance on MC Serch's "Back to the Grill". This album consists of songs about sex, sex and more sex. It would even make Akinyele's ears bleed. Throughout the album....the topic of sex is well covered including how many women Tone has been with, different positions, ways to convince a woman to jump into the sack and everything in between. Listening to the lyrics, one cant help but to find a lot of humor in Tone's lyrics and what's probably even funnier is the fact that I think he meant for it to be that way.

This Second Album from Tone was in 1995 with "# 1 Player" wich is full of clever rhymes that often incorporate the names of other rap stars and celebrities. In my opinion this album is much better than his debut job, although he keeps talkin' only about women the way he talks about them change a little, I say that the only criticism I have is that "BMW" and "In Tha Game" have deplorable rhymes against women. "#1 Player" itself works fine as a Mack song without slamming the ladies, and "Take Your Time" has clever rhymes about a certain girl that are almost praising. The songs all have phat drum tracks and simple bass lines, often overlaid with jazzy horns or keyboards. There are also guests aplenty, with Notorious BIG, MOP, Big Daddy Kane, Greg Nice, Don Barron, and Organized Confusion on various tracks. In the end, I pull this one off the shelf fairly often, whereas all my other rap CDs often go for a year without me giving them a listen. Any fan of mid-90s hip hop will love this album .

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